To me tattooing is and has always been a ritualistic process. The way I set up my workstation, the way I put on the stencil, the way I wipe away the ink while tattooing. Everything, if done mindful, is a ritual. 

To put more emphasis on the ritualistic nature of tattooing  I created a more mindful approach to how I work. There are different approaches to ritualistic tattooing. 

Sometimes the customer brings their own design and idea of placement and I create a sacred space to manifest the energy the symbol holds. Sometimes my customer asks me to find a symbol for their affirmations. Sometimes it is a traditional tattooing session and I give my customers some healing in form of Reiki. 

There are many ways of creating at tattoo ritual. It can be the tattoo itself, the environment it is created in and/or the energy the two of us put into it. 

Please feel free to send me your ideas and questions. And I will create a tattoo experience you will not forget. 

Here is inspiration for you.

You are planning a special day to celebrate your love?
You are getting married?
Then this is perfect for you! I would love to channel your energies and manifest them in a tattoo. 


the MOON

For everyone who is addicted to the moon and its beautiful energy.
I offer Full Moon and New Moon Ceremonies for individuals, couples and groups.


Leave everything to destiny except for your budget.

You give me a budget and I will give you an experience.

|minimum 100Euros


*Tarot Card Reading
*Intention setting
*Sage Cleansing
*Handpoked Tattoo
*Reiki Healing


I hold Women's Circles wherever I travel. An ideal preparation for your next tattoo ritual.
Check Events for more information or send me a message if you have the perfect spot for a women's circle.
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