Growing up on the countryside in a little town in Germany I was always very in touch with mother nature. My human mother and father were a big inspiration concerning alternative healing methods and a healthy lifestyle. 

We were in an association called Prießnitz-Kneipp-Verein which is not only focused on popular sports like track and field or gymnastics but also offers courses in Yoga and Tai Qui.  The main focus however is on alternative healing methods based on the ideas of a priest called Sebastian Kneipp. There were seminars on wholegrain food, homeopathy and kneipp bathing.

At the age of 15 I started suffering from mental health issues and I found a refuge in the punk culture where I found tattooing. I was 18 when I was drawing designs for a tattoo artist and got my first tattoo the same year. I was hooked immediately. There was something  precious about tattooing. I had just survived my first phase of depression, taking antidepressants and not wanting to live anymore. Deciding to manifest my recovery with something grounding I chose to get an anchor tattoo on my foot. The transformation was amazing, not only did it leave a cool mark on my body but looking at it now I remember where I came from and the lessons I have learned since. 

My parents however did not like the idea of me becoming a tattoo artist. Following my parents wishes I started studying "World Englishes, Literature and Culture“  and "Bildwissenschaften der Künste“ in Saarbrücken, Germany. Two semesters later I would switch to studying  Art and English to become a teacher in a little city in the Rhine Palatinate called Landau where I would stay for some more semesters. 

I was living in a healthy relationship with my boyfriend when I encountered another intense  phase of mental health issues. I suffered from Lactose intolerance, Fructose intolerance, anxiety, depression, migraine and intense back pain.

I realised that I had to take responsibilty for my life and started searching for a therapist.  After talking to a therapist for 5 minutes I walked out with a prescreption for anti depressants in my hand and a feeling of being pushed aside and left alone. I thought to myself „this can‘t be it“ and kept searching. 

Finally I found a hypnosis therapist and started working with her. At the same time I started doing Yoga and meditations. As a result I recovered from my depression, dropped out of university without a degree and started working in an office in order to save money for my tattoo apprenticeship which I would start one year later with a very talented woman in my hometown. I continued it in Landau at a very recognised shop where I would learn soldering needles and all the incredible basics that this handcraft brings with it. From there on I was working in different shops and decided in July 2016 to get rid of all my belongings including my apartment and start a life on the road. Since that I have been constantly travelling.

Thinking about my past journey through life. I always knew there was something bigger. There were always little signs of alchemy and magick in my life. My mom's tarot cards and pendulum, the St. John's Wort I collected to heal my horse's eczema, the greek and roman godesses I learnt about in my latin lessons or just being surrounded by the holy mother with her little streams and hills. My own healing process inspired me to inspire people with the same issues. 

While I was in hypnosis therapy I started getting more interested in spirituality. I experimented with different meditation techniques and got deeper and deeper into it. Whilst travelling I was introduced to many spritual techniques in different countries.

I decided to learned Reiki in Germany, which helps a lot with the pain management and healing process of the tattoos. I had a massage training in Scotland, which is very helpful with anxious customers or  my fellow tattoo artists, who always suffer from tension. I stayed in a buddhist monastery in Lumbini, Nepal, where I attended buddhist rituals like prostrations and chanting. I sat the Vipassana in Australia and Mexico, I attended purifying ceremonies in Bali and I learned about "The Alchemy of love" in a Naam Yoga workshop in Miami. I built a shamanic drum and held rituals with a shaman in Peru. Just to name a few. But mostly I worked with my intutional healing powers which always guide and protect me, sometimes using Angel and Tarotcards or reading hands but most of all always being curious and open about new things to learn. 

This is just a little episode of the journey we call life, I am still travelling and hope to meet you on one of my trips.

And sometimes it just takes a cartwheel to turn your world upside down and give it a new perspective..

Update 2019 

I have settled back in Saarbrücken after finishing my Yoga Teacher and Yogic lifestyle councillor training in Sri Lanka. Recently I have started a training g as a Gestalttherapist. 

Photocredits @p.light.saar

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