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March 15, 2018





A story from a little while ago..


This is a picture of me. Learning to make a bamboo brush. But this picture is more than that. This is a picture of trusting in the amazing journey of life and being open to anything that happens to you. 
I met Ketut in a little street, in a little local shop. He was sitting outside and I almost walked past because it was raining. But something told me to stop and he offered me coffee and clover cigarettes. 
We started talking and it turned out that he is an amazing artist. After a chat about karma, letting go and art, he invited me to paint with him and taught me how to paint with a bamboo brush. 
We listened to music, he doodled on my leg and gave me some jewellery which was, what other people would call a cable (you can see it wrapped around my leg in the picture). 
After some street food we bought a little hammer and went to another place. There he taught me how to make my own bamboo brush and picked some fruits from the tree. In the end I gave him a little piece of doily and he painted my face on it. 

Somehow I started feeling like I needed to go home and he offered me a lift on his scooter, which he painted so his backlights where little love hearts. 
We brought fruit on the way and he let me drive. After getting lost a thousand times because I forgot the address we finally arrived at my beautiful guesthouse. Somehow I wanted to pay him for this amazing experience. But how do you pay for something like that? With money? How much money would you pay for an experience like that? There were costs like the food, the hammer, the petrol for scooter etc. But that would not be enough. All the money I own would not be enough if I had to evaluate how much it would be worth. So I decided to let universe decide and I remembered him saying -
„You have to find the money.

When you find the money you can work for one hour or two and the rest you can play.“ So I wanted the money to find him. I used the following trick. I had some money in my purse. 100 AUD and some more Balinese money. So I said „Close your eyes and take a note from my purse.“ First his fingers found a note of balinese money but that definatly wasn‘t enough. So I let him take one again and he said it was to much but think it was not enough. But in the end we both accepted what universe had decided. We said our goodbyes and I might never see him again in this life. But this stranger gave me the most precious thing in life. His time. 


I needed some time alone after this experience and just as I write it down it becomes real. Still there is so much more to this story than the little paragraph I wrote down. 

If I would have walked past or not trusted my instincts and therefore trusted this stranger this would not have happend. 


Why am I sharing this with you?
First because I wasn‘t even sure this happend, 
Second because I want to inspire.

So I am asking you these questions
Have you ever trusted a complete stranger?
What do you really need in life? Is it money?
How do you know how much something is worth meassured in money?
What was one of your happiest days in life?
When was the last time you did something for the first time?
What scares you the most?
How much life have you got left to live (quality not quantity)?


Take a deep breath.
It‘s just a dream, it is just a journey.

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