Going North

March 16, 2018




Hello beautiful people,


Exciting times ahead. 

Publishing this website is a big step for me. Since my goal this year will be to find my voice.

I have been working in the tattoo industry for 4 years now. I absolutely love the community and the freedom this handcraft offers me. Combining this passion with my spirituality just makes me absolutely happy and excited. 


I am currently in Manchester and will be going up north to visit my beautiful queen Edinburgh this weekend. Going to Scotland is always exciting for me. Every time I go there my mind shifts so much.


Talking about shifting minds. About 4 days ago I started an "Activation Meditation" practice which I will proceed with for 40 days. I am being coached by my wonderful mentor Eugene Gant

(https://www.eugeniusyoga.com) whom I met a couple of weeks ago in Miami. If you ever have the chance to attend one of his workshops I highly recommend it. It was a total game changer for me. 

Since I am being constantly on the road this practice helps me to establish a routine. I already feel so much more relaxed but full of energy and the creativity is just flowing like liquid light. 


Do you have any rituals yourself?


This is where I am standing right now. 

Hit me up via my contact form if you have any questions. 

So far.


Know you are loved 







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