White Tara and Purification

March 22, 2018



Yesterday I decided to write about White Tara, since one of my incense mixes is based on this beautiful goddess and her healing energies.  



On my travels through Nepal, I saw her in many temples. She was watching over us when we were hiking the Anapurna circuit and she was with me when I was staying in the Korean monastery in Lumbini. I take my Goddess cards with me wherever I go and pick one every morning. This morning, of course some might say by accident, my card of the day was the white Tara. On the Doreen Virtue Cards it says that she stands for sensibility.  



The great goddess Tara comes in different manifestations and colours. 

If you call upon them they can help you if you are having problems in one of these fields

  • red = activate energy, attain goals
  • black = power 
  • yellow = marterial goods
  • blue = transmute anger 
  • green = fear and obstacles 
  • white = purification 

Tara is the manifestaion of a strong energy of compassion and healing.
Her name means"She Who Saves".
White Tara is associated with graceful power, wisdom, purification, truth, fearless. She is transcending all limitations. 


As a travelling woman I still get told that you “can’t go to this country alone” “ you can’t do that alone”.White Tara helps me to grow. It is good to have fears and limits but despite that keep going. Like the bodhisattva, they are teaching you the biggest lessons in your life. There are so many question I ask myself when I start fearing something 


“What do I fear?”

“What is the worst thing that could happen?”

“How likely is it to happen?”

“Would it be ok to die in this very moment?”


Look at your fears, observe them. Balance them. Welcome them, invite them in and then messure them

as if you wanted to tailor

a perfect italian tuxedo. Walk with them for a while and ask them

where were they from and how they got here. And if they get too much just tell them you need time for 

yourself just as if you were talking to your best friend cancelling an invitation for dinner. 


Breathe with White Tara and let her energy purify your organism. She will clear you and cast her white light around you. The “Goddess of Seven Eyes" sees you suffering and guides you to step out of it. 

She will encourage you to develop sensitivity to the energy inside you as well as around you.



I have created this sent for purification and self love. It is really sensual and feminine. Opening your heart chakra and letting good energy flow. 

Great for people who suffer from having their heart broken or are scared to be alone. For people who find it hard to relax especially when it comes to intimacy. 

In addition I protected and charged it with a Rosequarz which stands for gentle love and beauty. 


Ingrediens: Roses, Styrax, white sage, xxx


If you want to order incense just send me a message.


Enjoy 🧡

I will post up some White Tara rituals shortly.  


Let love and light vibrate  





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