This is a very special #tattoo for me. Every single tattoo is special to me. But this was my first „official ritualistic tattoo“. One of my first #handpoked ones as well. I met Nel at a little #festival in the bush of Australia. And we connected right away. After tuning into her body we found the perfect spot for the tattoo. When we came up with the idea of a #fullmoon and a #cresentmoon I got a bit scared about drawing it on freehand. But Nel held so much #sacred space for me that I managed to get it drawn on in one go. I am forever #grateful for this opportunity. Love you little #fairy #sister . {Wise Man's Ferry, Australia}


“Für mich steht das Tattoo für Mut. Mut sein Leben zu überdenken, einen neuen Weg einzuschlagen. Sein Leben selbst in die Hand zu nehmen und für sein eigenes Glück verantwortlich zu sein.
Mut sich von Menschen zu lösen, die einen "blockieren" oder meine Entscheidungen nicht akzeptieren, weil sie nicht der Norm entsprechen, anstatt darin zu unterstützen.
Es steht für mich auch für Neubeginn. Offen für Neues zu sein.
Für Stärke und Energie, neue, vielleicht auch schwierige Wege zu gehen.
All das was ich in meiner aktuellen Situation auch empfinde. Von daher war das Tattoo genau zum richtigen Zeitpunkt, mit genau dem richtigen Motiv gestochen worden. Und ich hätte mir absolut keine bessere Tattowiererin vorstellen können.” Evelyn,{Saarbruecken, Germany}


{Saarbruecken, Germany}


Did this handpoked tattoo for Rina at an event in Miami. This syombol consists of #Neptune, #Protection and the Rune #Fehu . Thank you for your trust little mermaid. {Miami, USA}


I did this handpoke tattoo on Sara in an ancient inka ruin. We invited the goddess Athena in and made offerings to her. After meditating together we decided on an eye design on her heartchakra. The spiral is an ancient peruvian symbol and chanels the healing energy to her heart. The eye stands for seeing with your heart. The two dots represent her numbers 11 and|or 2. After the tattoo I gave her some healing and played my drum while the sun set.


"That was an amazing experience, Sarah... it was so beautiful, a memory I'll never forget. The space, the time, the powerful energy and your mesmerizing work. You are such an inspiring soul, so skilled and kind. Thank you so much for sharing, your art and love." {Cusco, Peru}


"For me these tattoos are a way of manifesting ideas, beliefs, concepts and also of sending those vibes far away to people out of my reach. There is an action attached to them. I wiggle my fingers and poof! things happen. I had never considered finger tattoos until I met Sarah. These tattoos come about completely by accident through the time we spent together and the things we talked about. In the end it was meant to be." Jazz {Melbourne, Australia|


"Creating and entering Sacred Space with Sarah, where she gave me not just the symbolic tattoo I had chosen, but also her love and blessings, was an inspiring and sublime experience, and our coming together at this time to do this was so synchronistic!As a Witch, ritual is an important component in life to me, and you don’t have to be religious to have that enrichment!”- Phoebe, {Bathgate, Scotland}


"I believe in rituals and the power they have. So at our last meeting Sarah had the idea of a ritualistic tattoo. I am one of her regular tattoo customers and trusted her with many of my tattoos. I loved the idea of creating something together and just trusted the process. A wonderful moment, which is meaning a lot to me. Growing and letting go. I will always remember this when I look at the tattoo. I am so grateful for this moment with her and all the tattoos she gave me. The time we spent together I always feel her love, positive vibes and energy, which makes me feel so peaceful at the end of those days." Carmen {Saarbruecken, Germany}


Did a little touchup on Jones handpoke tattoo. It is a nihilist symbol. {Cusco, Peru}

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